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Em Space recently undertook a huge endeavor, and moved into our new home at 521 NE Davis Street. It is with enormous gratitude that we give thanks to all of our friends who donated to our Move Fundraising Drive. We raised $4000 after a generous matching donation from our friend, Rich Kruger. Without this incredible community support, we would not be in our beautiful new space. Come by and take a look. We love it!


New Workshop Schedule
Coming this Summer

We’ve been busy cleaning and organizing our new space, so workshops have taken a hiatus until summer of 2014. Take a look here for a sneak peek of what’s to come in a few short months!


EM Space Book Arts Center Donation Drive: Donate Today!

EM Space is moving! We’re pulling up roots and moving from our place at the start of the Springwater Trail to a more centralized location on NE 5th and Davis. EM Space will continue to provide everything we have in the past and more: a supportive space and community for individuals to practice book and letterpress arts, access to rare equipment, workshops, and promoting awareness of book and letterpress arts within Portland and beyond while upholding the traditional crafts.

New Em Space Floor Plan

When the equipment you’re trying to place weighs several tons, it’s best to get them all placed correctly the first time. This floor plan is much easier to adjust.

Here’s a plea to you all: We need your support. Moving isn’t cheap. There are numerous costs, from moving big, old printing presses and other cast iron equipment that weigh thousands of pounds, to fixing up the new digs, painting, cleaning, and so on. We need additional supplies and equipment to continue to provide our services to Portland, the artistic community, and the world.

How can you help? We would love it if you could donate to our cause. Anything would help us towards our goal of $5000 by December 1st, 2013 to offset costs for the move and additional expenses settling in and setting up shop. If you could find it in your hearts to donate just $25 towards our goal, we would all be most appreciative! Even a $5 donation would help us along our way. If you are unable to donate at this time, you can help by spreading the word! Share the love of EM Space on Facebook. Tweet us! Re-Tweet us! Email everyone you know. If we can get 200 people to donate $25 each, we would reach our goal!

What do you get in return? For one, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling that you helped out a unique artistic community and letterpress cooperative, and you’ve made a lot of printers, artists, and bookmakers smile. You’ll also get an invitation to our super-stellar opening party bash in December (details to come). Thank you all!

Click on the donate button now! (Upper right of this page.)

New Em Space Studio - Mostly Empty

Dirt, grime, bare walls, holes in walls, missing walls, junk, broken fixtures; All the wonderful things left behind by previous tenants.

Em space Planning Committee

The Planning committee: Rory and Alexia ponder the floor plan while Matthew tries to ascertain if that rickety structure is load-worthy.